Partner Program

Every SupraComputer Club Member gets a Club Username and Coupon Code.  This code will allow you to access the Club Member’s Only Information/  You can also give this out as a Coupon Code to your friends and family who will receive a $20 discount if they use it when purchasing.

After you have recruited two other SupraComputer Club Members, i.e. they buy a SC after watching a demo and entering the Club Members Coupon Code, you will receive a free SupraComputer and be eligible to become a Partner by signing a Partner Agreement.

As a Partner, you will demo the SupraComputer to other people and receive 50% of the Gross Profit of any sales generated.  Gross Profit is equal to the Sale Price less $89.   Example: a new Club Member pays $179.  The Partner will receive a commission of $45.  Volume discounts can be negotiated for group purchases.

A Partner can have his or her own Facebook Page or Fan Page.

A Partner can communicate with others via any social media or other way the Partner wants to.

Setting up Demo meetings with groups is recommended.

Simply setting up in an appropriate public place and doing homework , playing games or watching videos and then being available to answer questions and give demos could be very good too.  Kills two birds with one stone.

A Partner can set up his or her own website or Blog or Twitter to promote the SupraComputer.

We believe a Partner should be able to earn $100+ / Hour  giving demos.

There is NO LIMIT on how much a Partner can earn.

There is no multi-level.  However we have programs where a Partner can earn money by helping recruit and train other Partners.

Partner Tools

Partner Messages:

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