“O Partner, Where Art Thou?”

SupraComputer Partner Message 10-10-17

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We are embarking on an Odyssey, are we not?

Like Odysseus we are at the beginning of a long journey.

Our Mission and Passion is to help as many people as possible benefit from the wonderful technologies embedded in and empowered by the incredible 21st Century Tool, The SupraComputer.

A Partner’s Mission on this Journey is to tell others about, and demonstrate, the SupraComputer and then offer them a Discount Coupon IF they decide to go to www.SupraComputer.org and purchase one

No sales pitch, only an educational experience.

To preserve valuable time, a Partner should quickly identify some things that the demonstratee is interested in.

Here are some benefits of the SupraComputer, with “Different Strokes for Different Folks!”.

Almost everyone wants a computer that comes on in about 30 Seconds every time thanks to the amazing Linux Operating System with NO programs running in the background to slow it down for various reasons like on a typical Win 10 computer.

Some just like to pay bills online much faster.

Some just like to surf the Internet very fast with no ads.

Some just like the ability to hook to any HDMI TV or monitor.  Great for visiting in a motel or hotel or guest home or even just at home.

Some like the ease of transporting their computer in their purse or pocket, just like a deck of cards.

Some like the security of storing all of their data on a SD Card the size of a little fingernail.  This means one can be sure their personal private data will not be lost when traveling if their computer is lost or stolen or confiscated by “authorities”. This is impossible with any regular computer!

Just remove the SD card and carry it in a safe place like your most valuable possessions such as your passport or money.

Some like to entertain themselves with one of the many games included with the SupraComputer.  Games for all ages.

Some like to entertain and educate their small children with appropriate games and programs.

Some like to learn how to teach their small children basic math with the guidance of the Uncle Jack videos.

Some like to use the Libra Office for word processing and spreadsheets.

Some like to teach themselves or someone they love programming with the revolutionary new programming language Wolfram Language (introduced to the world in 2015) with which one can learn quickly how to write short programs that do amazing things.


The SupraComputer is an incredible Study Aide for any student of Mathematics from elementary arithmetic and algebra to all advanced math including Calculus, Differential Equations, Linear Algebra, and MUCH MORE.

The SupraComputer is like having an Expert Mathematician on call 24/7 to solve virtually any math problem you might be assigned in a math class, or run into in some STEM subject.

The SupraComputer is like having an Expert Math Tutor on call 24/7 demonstrate the Step-by-Step Solution to any problem that has a classical manual solution algorithm.

Furthermore, often a STEM math problem cannot be solved by any classical manual algorithm, in which case the SupraComputer solves it numerically.  This is a revolutionary capability heretofore unavailable to any student.

ANY MATH or STEM STUDENT will find the SupraComputer an incomparable extremely valuable Study Aide.

ANY STEM Professional will find the SupraComputer an incomparable extremely valuable math problem solving tool.

So, Partner, what should or could you do?

I recommend you first just tell some of your friends and acquaintances about the SupraComputer and some of its benefits.

IF they express an interest offer to demo it to them, and try to stick to the two or three benefits they are most interested in.

Then, simply give them your Coupon Code and suggest they go to the SupraComputer website and learn more about it, and then purchase one when they are ready and be sure to get their Discount with your Coupon Code.

After you give several demos to friends you then might want to start to approach various Clubs and organizations and give demos to larger groups.  Again try to stick to the benefits the members are most interested in.

After at least two people use your Coupon Code to purchase a SupraComputer you will be given another SupraComputer, for free.

You might want to loan it out to someone who is really interested to try it out before they purchase one.

There are many ways YOUR JOURNEY can go.

As a Partner it is quite possible you might be able to reach a large number of people and organizations.  If this happens you will earn a lot of money to offset your labor and other costs.

Indeed, you wlll be operating as an independent business partner and there is NO LIMIT or CAP on how successful you may become.

We will be having frequent Webinars to help Partners succeed.

We have a FORUM for Partners where you may ask and answer questions and possibly team up to help each other with various JVs.

There are literally MILLIONS of people who could benefit from a SupraComputer.  So, this Journey will be long and quite exciting.

Remember, our PRIMARY MISSION is to help as many people as possible improve their lives utilizing this amazing technology.

For some, the SupraComputer may just be for some productivity increase and some additional enjoyment in their life.

But, for some, the SupraComputer will be life transforming.

Just imagine the implications for a STEM student who is struggling with math to the point s/he is failing and will have to abandon a STEM career.

Just imagine the implications for ANY Math Student who is struggling with math and may drop out of school.

Frankly, we believe the dropout rate in our high schools and junior colleges and universities could dramatically decrease.

Of course, as you know, Triad Math has a whole Six Tier Online Math Program to help these students that has nothing to do with the SupraComputer, which you can recommend to these students.

While this Six Tier Program can be delivered on any computer, it does run much better on a SupraComputer for several technical reasons we explain in detail elsewhere.

So, “Partner, Where Art Thou?”  is obviously a question only you can answer.

To those of you who become active in our Odyssey I welcome you and look forward to our future interactions.

I believe our Mission will significantly improve our civilization by making more and more people successful in their life’s goals.

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