SupraComputer Benefits List

A SupraComputer Will Benefit Your Entire Family!

Adults, Parents, College & Grad Students, Middle & High School Students and Children!

  1. Starts up in 30 Seconds.
    • No incessant upgrading like many other computers.
  2. Students or Users of Mathematics:
    • Wolfram Language (2015) and Mathematica (1988)
    • Wolfram Alpha (2009)
    • Mathematician on call to solve all math problems–Wolfram Alpha.
    • Math Tutor when manual solution possible–Wolfram Alpha.
    • 21st Century Programming Language–Wolfram Language
    • Many Training Videos and PDFs explain how to use these tools.
  3. Parents of Elementary Age Children:
    • Uncle Jack Videos for parents on how to teach a young child math.
    • Many games for young children for rewards and entertainment.
    • Programming languages like Scratch for young children.
  4. Pay bills on line very fast and secure.  Great time saver.
    • Due to Linux Operating System, this is much faster than most computers.
    • Very secure thanks to Linux Operating System.
    • Remember the SupraComputer comes on in only 30 seconds.
  5. Surf the Web very fast and secure.
    • No ads.
    • Chromium browser is very fast and secure.
  6. Protects you Private Data.  (Big deal when traveling.)
    • You can remove the SD Card which contains ALL of your private data.
    • Whenever you travel, no one can steal or confiscate your data.
    • Multiple people can use one SupraComputer using their own SD card without invading each others privacy or personal preferences.
  7. No incessant Upgrades to worry about.
    • No need to upgrade constantly thanks to Linux Operating System.
  8. Fast… Nothing running in the background.
    • Unlike most computers thanks to the Linux Operating System.
  9. No Virus Protection Necessary.
    • No need to have protection thanks to the Linux Operating System.
  10. Compact and very portable.
    • Smaller than a deck of cards.
    • Carry it in Pocket or Purse.
    • Hooks to HDMI TV in hotel room.
  11. Students do homework faster.
    • Research via internet faster.
    • Math tutor on call 24/7.
  12. Games for all ages for entertainment.
    • Fun and Educational games included.
  13. Programming languages for students of all ages from 5 to 80+.
    • From Scratch to Python.
  14. Membership in The SupraComputer Club with a Myriad of Benefits.
    • Exclusive Forum and Webinars.
    • Exclusive Contests and Projects.
    • Exclusive Training Video Library.
  15. Business Opportunity for ambitious Partners.
    • Great way to help others and earn some money.
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