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The SupraComputer:

  • Solves virtually all STEM Math Problems.
  • Makes the learning and practice of Math 100 Times EASIER than the current Standard Math Curriculum.
  • Revolutionary New Programming Language – great introduction to programming.
  • Includes membership to the SupraComputer Club ($99 value).
    • Full Instructional STEM Training Video Library.
    • Interactive Forum.
    • Teach Children the Decimal System using the Uncle Jack Videos ($97 value).

See the many Benefits The SupraComputer has for everyone!

Notice: Due to current demand, the anticipated shipping date of your SupraComputer will be 2 weeks from the date of your purchase.

Purchase a SupraComputer Today
Your Science News Discount Code:  STEM

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23 minute video just for Math Teachers!

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Purchase a SupraComputer Today
Your Science News Discount Code:  STEM

Testimonial from Craig Hane, Ph.D., aka Dr. Del, renowned Math Teacher:

“The SupraComputer is the most amazing and valuable Math Tool I have ever had the pleasure to use.

Oh, to have had a SupraComputer when I was younger!

Today, a student can learn Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry, Calculus, Differential Equations and Much More Math very fast and easily.

I use the SupraComputer every day in many different ways. Obviously I use it to learn and teach math and to experiment solving many different kinds of math problems.

Even though I have taught Calculus and Differential Equations the traditional way many times, I now have achieved an even deeper understanding thanks to the ease of experimentation with many problems that are simply too difficult or time consuming manually. It has helped me understand Conic Sections from Algebra.”

I also enjoy many of the fun games on the SupraComputer and surf the Web without annoying ads, not to mention paying online bills much faster!

I love using the Libre Office Suite to create documents and spreadsheets, and the Linux OS has so many advantages over the conventional Operating Systems.

It’s hard to imagine life without the SupraComputer just like it is hard to imagine life without a Smart Phone. These two 21st Century Technologies are simply amazing, almost unbelievable!”

Purchase a SupraComputer Today
Your Science News Discount Code:  STEM

“ Why the $999 Retail Price?”, you might ask.

Excellent Question. Here’s Why!

IF we can sell the SupraComputer only to STEM Professionals we will have to charge at least this much to cover all of our costs. It is well worth $999 to any STEM student or professional because of time saved and ability to solve STEM math problems otherwise intractable.

However, IF we can sell the SupraComputer to STEM Students, then this will be a much larger market, and IF we can keep our total costs down we will be able to sell it for much less. $179 is about the lowest price we believe we could charge for the complete product and at least break even.

Let me tell you a story and an important lesson learned.

In 1972 I (Dr. Del) was teaching at an engineering school when all students, and most STEM Pros, used a tool based on Logarithms and Trig Tables called a Slide Rule to perform arithmetic calculations.

It was quite a chore to learn to use a Slide Rule efficiently and few high schools taught it, but all STEM students had to learn it quickly once they went to college. So it was something that math professors taught all engineering students. It was a big part of the math curriculum then.

One day I saw some students walking around with some type of new tool on their belts that was clearly not a Slide Rule. I asked one of my students what it was. “An amazing new Tool, called a Scientific Calculator, the HP-35”, he said.

He then showed me what it could do. WOW.

A problem that could take TWENTY MINUTES and was error prone with a Slide Rule could now be done in about ONE MINUTE. Mind boggling to say the least. I immediately realized Slide Rules were obsolete.

“How much does the HP-35 cost?”, I asked.

“$395”, he said. [That’s $2,373.59 in 2018 Dollars, Wolfram Alpha]

“How can you afford that?”, I asked.

“Well, how much is my time worth? Or, for that matter a Professional engineer’s time?”, he asked.

Good point!

Hewlett Packard was a company that produced and sold high priced test equipment. They thought they would sell about 10,000 of the HP-35’s to engineers. They sold 100,000 the first year.

Two years later HP lowered their price to $195. Shortly thereafter, Texas Instruments, TI, produced an even better calculator for under $100, and the price has fallen exponentially every since.

TI priced their calculator based on the assumption the volume eventually would be high enough to reduce their Unit Production and Marketing Costs.

We don’t want to make HP’s mistake.

We know the SupraComputer is worth $1,000 or more to any serious STEM student. The amount of time saved is much more significant than the calculator example. More significantly, it amplifies their abilities to handle STEM Math problems.

But, if enough students buy the SupraComputer and we can spread the word efficiently and keep our marketing costs down we can sell it for $179.

In fact, without the membership in the SupraComputer Club and all the training videos we can sell it for $89. That is what you will be able to buy additional SupraComputers for when you join the SupraComputer Club.

The SupraComputer is not all by itself a “Complete Product” for a new User. You will need the resources of the SupraComputer Club including all the training videos to utilize the full value of it.

When you purchase the SupraComputer for $179 you also receive a Full Year’s Membership in the SupraComputer Club (a $99 Value)

So, the ultimate question will be “How many SupraComputers will we sell and what will our marketing and sales costs be?”

Hopefully, we will be able to maintain the $179 price or only raise it modestly.

If not, then the future price will be nearer $999. We know we can afford to sell it at that price to only a few select students and professionals who realize the tremendous advantage it will give them over any person who does not have one.

But we would rather follow the TI model than the HP model.

So, we urge you to buy your SupraComputer as soon as you can, and to help us spread the word.

Our Mission is to empower as many students to overcome the Great Math Barrier as possible.

Acquire YOUR VERY OWN SupraComputer as follows:

Purchase a SupraComputer Today
Your Science News Discount Code:  STEM

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