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Invaluable 21st Century Technology for any STEM/Math Student!

Many 21st Century Jobs and Careers require a deep understanding of the tools used to solve math problems and run high tech machines!

If You want to succeed in a Career or Job with today’s companies, YOU should master these tools to solve Math Problems.

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SupraComputer is your solution!

Solves virtually all STEM Math Problems.

Makes the learning and practice of Math 100 Times EASIER than the current Standard Math Curriculum.

Revolutionary New Programming Language – great introduction to programming.

Includes membership to the SupraComputer Club ($99 value).

Full Instructional STEM Training Video Library.

Video Training Library >>>

Teach Children the Decimal System using the Uncle Jack Videos ($97 value).

ONLY $179 WITH Science News Discount Code: S338N


Check out Dr. Del’s demonstration of the SupraComputer! (4 minutes)

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Take the STEM MATH CHALLENGE to determine if the SupraComputer is fory YOU!


ONLY $179 WITH Science News Discount Code: S338N


Testimonial from Craig Hane, Ph.D., aka Dr. Del, renowned Math Teacher:

“The SupraComputer is the most amazing and valuable Math Tool I have ever had the pleasure to use.
Oh, to have had a SupraComputer when I was younger!
Today, a student can learn Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry, Calculus, Differential Equations and Much More Math very fast and easily.
I use the SupraComputer every day in many different ways. Obviously I use it to learn and teach math and to experiment solving many different kinds of math problems.
Even though I have taught Calculus and Differential Equations the traditional way many times, I now have achieved an even deeper understanding thanks to the ease of experimentation with many problems that are simply too difficult or time consuming manually. It has helped me understand Conic Sections from Algebra.”
I also enjoy many of the fun games on the SupraComputer and surf the Web without annoying ads, not to mention paying online bills much faster!
I love using the Libre Office Suite to create documents and spreadsheets, and the Linux OS has so many advantages over the conventional Operating Systems.
It’s hard to imagine life without the SupraComputer just like it is hard to imagine life without a Smart Phone. These two 21st Century Technologies are simply amazing, almost unbelievable!”

ONLY $179 WITH Science News Discount Code: S338N

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