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Do I have to buy Wolfram Alpha Pro?

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Does a student have to subscribe to Wolfram Alpha program in order to use it on the SupraComputer?  I went to the Wolfram Alpha website on my computer, integrated something, tried the download button, and a popup window said something about subscribing Alpha Pro. I understand you to say that the full functionality of Wolfram Alpha is embedded in the SupraComputer. Is that right?

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You will not need to purchase anything else.  The SupraComputer comes loaded with Mathematica, Wolfram Language, and Wolfram Alpha.  You will be able to save all of your Wolfram Alpha questions and answers in a Notebook for future reference.  This is extremely important when reviewing one's homework and experiments.  It is much easier to understand the concepts of math when one can do many problems automatically which would be impractical manually.
You will be able to use Wolfram Alpha to get Step-by-Step solutions for problems where this is possible.  So, it is like having a math tutor on call.  Of course, Wolfram Alpha will also solve problems where no manual solution is possible.  This is extremely useful in Science and Engineering where many times a problem evolves that has no manual solution.  There are some videos which demonstrate the use of Wolfram Alpha on the SupraComputer to solve math problems at www.supracomputer.com/d1.
There are many videos which will teach you how to ask Wolfram Alpha math questions efficiently.  These are available via the SupraComputer Club which you will have a one year membership in from you SupraComputer purchase.  There are video lessons on how to use Wolfram Language to write programs in Mathematica for solving problems too.
There are also many other valuable resources on the SupraComputer which you can learn all about at our website www.supracomputer.org.

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