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Backup SD Cards $29    

SupraComputer Kit $99    

Includes power supply & HDMI cable.

SupraComputer $89    

Does NOT include power supply, HDMI cable.  The SupraComputer will NOT be personalized with your name.

If you want your extra SupraComputer to be personalized, there will be an additional $20 charge.

Math Programs:

Math Calculator Magic — $17  Learn More    

Family Plan — $25 – $40/month  Learn More    

Dr. Del’s Practical Math Foundation $197  Learn More    

SAT Math Prep — $297  Learn More     

Pre-Calculus STEM Math — $397  Learn More     

Calculus STEM Math — $497  Learn More     

STEM Math Boot Camp — $97  Learn More     

Workforce Math:

Basic Math for Industry — $197  Learn More     

Intermediate Math for Industry — $297  Learn More     

Advanced Math for Industry — $397  Learn More     

Turnkey Solution — $547  Learn More     

Industry Certification — $79-$97  Learn More     

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