SupraComputer Club Benefits

As a SupraComputer Owner, you are automatically enrolled in The SupraComputer Club.

  1. Receive a unique discount code to share with friends and family.
    • If your unique discount code is utilized two times, you receive a FREE SupraComputer to give away or sell.
    • If your unique discount code is utilized four or more times, you are eligible for our Partner Program.
  2. Receive exclusive product offerings via the SupraComputer Store:
    • Backup SD Cards for $29.
    • Additional SupraComputer Kits (includes power supply & HDMI cable) for $99.
    • Additional SupraComputers for $89 (no power supply or HDMI cable).
  3. Automatic enrollment in The SupraComputer Club Forum.
    • Ask questions, share ideas and get support.
  4. Invitations to exclusive:
    • Members Only Webinars.
    • SupraComputer Club Projects.
    • SupraComputer Club Contests.
    • Special Meetings with Dr. Del for Club Members only.
  5. Join a SupraComputer Club Local Chapter:
    • Attend meetings to collaborate and share ideas.
  6. Special Interest Break Out Groups.
    • Expert leaders of each special interest group
    • Group members explore special topics.
  7. Access to Expanding Library of Training Videos:
    • Unique How-to Videos.
    • Club Member submitted videos.
    • Educational Math videos.
  8. Expanding Lists of Benefits.
    • We’re constantly adding new benefits and you will automatically receive them.

Buy a SupraComputer for $199 or $179 with Discount Coupon, and then you are Club Member with all these other Benefits and Privileges.

PLUS the Benefits of the amazing SupraComputer.

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